Tuesday, February 3, 2009



Dragon tattoos bring out the man inside of us. Although women also get dragon tattoos, the majority of dragon tattoos are found on men.

Basically, the dragon is a mythical creature that is probably most well known for its reptilian appearance and its curious habits of abducting damsels, hoarding treasure, and breathing fire on hopeless knights. This has been a part of the collective human culture for thousands and thousands of years. From that, dragon tattoos have been with us almost just as long. One of the more popular designs in tattoos would have to be the dragon as it is a symbol of power, fear, protection, and honor. All of which are symbolized at the same time, although that depends on who you ask. Either way, dragon tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs that are available to you today!

In Asian cultures, especially in China, although also in Japan, Korea, Thailand, and Mongolia, the dragon is believed to be imagined as a friend to all of humanity. It is a benevolent protector, a shield of life, a animal endowed with the power to heal, and a symbol of good fortune. Eastern dragons have been used as a part of dragon tattoos for years and today these dragon tattoos are among the most popular types of tattoo designs with people who train in or have a special interest in martial arts.

The Eastern dragon is characterized by a definitively mythical appearance. The Eastern dragon has a flat face which often is depicted to be grinning or smiling somehow in some way, and a long, serpentine body that seems like it should have a lot of legs, almost like a centipede, while it walks on a pair of short hind and a pair of front legs instead of a large amount of legs. Eastern dragon tattoos are usually large and designed with other concepts within it, so that it is not just a dragon tattoo but rather something unique. Some unique designs would include a dragon crawling over your shoulder or wrapped around your body. The majority of dragon tattoos use the following colours:

...and almost any other colour that you can imagine

Although, Western dragons are completely different as they fly instead of walk on land and look completely different as well.

Either way, a dragon tattoo is a very masculin choice.